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  1. q 100

    Yesum it happends when i need it the most happends here and there very tiresum.
  2. q 100

    any suggestions would be great.
  3. q 100

    i enter my material put the rollers down select sheet/or rear roll then the pen slams down and the cartridge nudges over a inch or so then i get the yposition alarm ???? this happen a lil bit ago i turned it off for a couple days came back turned it on and it worked. I dont have a couple day in...
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    where the hall have you been old man??

    where the hall have you been old man??
  5. Flexi SignPRO 8.6v2 update with service pack1

    Thanks Awesome Thanks ALOT Bobby!!!!!!! Please close thread
  6. Flexi SignPRO 8.6v2 update with service pack1

    Anyone happen to have this {Flexi8.6v2PPS6.1v2 SP1 Updater.exe Service Pack1} file and be kind enough to send it this way. I tryed downloading it threw the updated page however when downloaded it isnt a exe file and i am unable to open it. One might ask why i am looking for it and the...
  7. Flexi outline question?

  8. yikes can anyone help?

    Did you bleed the lines with that thing a Dr. gives shots with?
  9. Biker wings...
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  11. Temporary Tattoos

    insted of beating around the bush anyone wanna info up.
  12. New addition

    Well i got this for my girl, with in my idea of a perfect world might get her ready to use mine one day.... I think i got a pretty good deal on ebay $208.00 free shipping. Item was only used acouple times.:peace!:
  13. New addition

    Woohoooo!!! yes sir!!!
  14. New addition

    :rock-n-roll: This little bad boy cuts vinyl and conture cuts. Mike Ha ha Nope its running off of vista and flexi 8.5 pro
  15. New addition

    Check out our new edition, Had to downgrade. What to you think.. Am i ready for the big league? Umm anyone know where i can find material to fit this thing. Hey it even has an optical eye.