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  1. T-Shirts

    I've used a few different services but have settled on custom-transfers.com and so far I've had pretty good results from them with only a few problem transfers out of many hundreds purchased. Off the top of my head, I had 2 that just plain didn't want to adhere to the garment and couldn't figure...
  2. T-Shirts

    Do you have a heat press? You can order DTF transfers and do them in house pretty easily. I'm not a fan of DTG for the most part. I say that as primarily a shirt guy who does screen print, cut HTV, print/cut HTV, and winds up pressing a butt ton of DTF prints. It's my preferred way for...
  3. personalized sashes

    Buy some wide ribbon and run some HTV through your plotter
  4. Why Do Banners Get Reffered By Oz Vs Mil?

    I'm bumping this necro thread purely for my own entertainment because it's got some funny stuff. Plus I just found it whilst (unsuccessfully) trying to figure out if there was any sort of conversion from ounces of banner material to thickness in mils. :wink:
  5. Magnetic sign price check

    Holy crap, I'm WAY underpriced. Will be fixing that forthwith.
  6. Cut & Sew Dye-Sub Apparel Process Video

    That was actually really cool to watch. Do you guys offer this as a contract service? I get customers asking for it occasionally and don't have a vendor for it. If not, perhaps you have a customer of yours who does that you can connect me with?
  7. Liquid Laminate Over Spray Paint?

    I bet she did a wonderful job of prepping that surface to accept paint and give excellent adhesion. :rolleyes:
  8. Nice Office Door Sign - Need some suggestions...

    You should totally **** off and die, spammer. Just sayin'.
  9. Font ID please and thank you

    TY, metal maina will fit the bill nicely. Appreciate the assist!
  10. Font ID please and thank you

    What the Font had no suggestions and the client doesn't know either.
  11. Passwords

    I've been using Bitwarden for a couple years now. Love that it's cross platform so I can use from my phone or my MacBook or whatever. Makes life a LOT easier.
  12. Wrapping an exterior door

    it's probably spam trying to create backlinking to that website to lend it credibility
  13. Flatbed printed rowmark

    I mostly use existing films, but I've got literally thousands of designs available. I will also often pair them with some stencil or decal work (buried under the clear coat) for custom jobs. The bulk of what I dip anymore is all contract work for one specific client with a limited range of...
  14. Does anyone use these?

    I just use a swiffer :Cool 2:
  15. Flatbed printed rowmark

    Another option to consider would be hydrographic prints. Happens to be my other business venture, and not trying to drum up business (yes that was a dad-joke :rock-n-roll:), but if you want to talk about options for it I'm happy to share insight. There's a fairly good rusty metal film...