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  • Hello Z

    I got the UL cerfitication for over 2 years, but I have not produced many channel letters. signage is my side job. recently I got more orders than usuaral.

    I want to buy a stitcher or clincher or stapler, better be a used one. do you have any suggestions?

    can you help and check if this looks reliable?

    Long Liu
    I need it UL certified. Can get some help from you? If i need you to consult this, how much would that be?I just started a small sign business from home,
    Thanks for replying previous questions.
    Long Liu
    Hello Z, I have got my Shapeoko CNC XXL, and I am able to cut acrylics face for channel letter, I have1'' trim, going to receive 50'' metal brake soon which allow me to bend 4'' aluminum return.I have got some hand notchers, bending tools.I am in good shape for making the channel letter,
    Would you Know anyone who uses Mimaki finecut8.0.4 for corelDRAW x6, I need the file or patch link, I work for the Alabama Army National Guard in a sign shop and we have a CJV30-130 and tried the software that mimaki has but it interupts the download after step 7 before you register fincut icon, I have spoke with Mimaki and so far they can not find anyone who uses corelDRAW x6 in the facility Do you use corelDRAW x6 OR know someone who does?
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