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Colex Finishing Soltions, INC.

Equipment Manufacturers & Distributors Colex Finishing Soltions, INC.

Book a private webinar of our wide-format finishing products at colex.com/live-webinars or email sales@colex.com. Colex will be doing a public webinar every day @ 3:30 pm EST. (https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/976113429) All webinar attendees will receive a phone case and cut samples!

Colex, the industry leader in wide-format finishing solutions, manufactures and sells the Sharpcut Flatbed Cutting System. This powerful cutter provides productivity by finishing your graphics with accuracy and efficiency. The Sharpcut can be used for a variety of applications including cutting soft to rigid boards, vinyl, fabric, etc. The design of the Colex SharpCUT’s Triple Tool Head allows you to efficiently switch between jobs. This allows your operator to transition from Routed work, Knife Cut, and Kiss-Cut workflows rapidly. The Sharpcut is based on a solid steel-welded frame that is free of vibration, allowing you to create products that have a "flamed polished" look. The Sharpcut can provide endless possibilities to your company by opening doors to application opportunities that tap into new revenue streams! Colex is also the exclusive distributor in North America for Fotoba X/Y Cutters. Fotoba cutters are designed to cut all flexible digital media with maximum precision and speed. In addition to our cutting equipment Colex offers Bubble-Free Applicators and pneumatic/manual roll laminators. Using the Bubble Free Applicator operators can mount and laminate digital prints and apply application tape to any flat surface, banner, etc. We are offering a $2,000 promotion on our applicators from 10/01/20-12/31/20.
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