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Supply Manufacturers & Distributors Robert Armerding

Here you have a neutral third party that has your welfare at heart. 99% of the time, every conversation with me will be productive. You will know that you have taken a step toward better results for your sign making efforts.

Here you have someone who will really listen to you, ask clarifying questions, work with you to sort things out. Sometimes offering insights, but more often simply helping you to see things from a new perspective. Someone who will team up with you to connect the dots, join forces with you to solve challenges. Because we are working together, amazing solutions will begin to come into view.
The focus is to work ON your sign making business instead of IN you business. (ala Michael E. Gerber)

I invite you to enjoy your first conversation with me. Let's get a little better acquainted.
Within one minute you will know if you want to continue. What questions might you have for me?

Here is my fee structure:
Get acquainted: no charge
Then, the next four conversations: free samples
If our conversations have been “well worth it” to you, we will negotiate a fee that is fair to both of us. Every situation is different.
Each month will be billed after the close of the month. If you decide to opt out, then the previous invoice will be canceled. Let's talk.
Robert Armerding
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