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Software Publishers & Distributors Teifeld Associates/Substratia Printing, RIP, and Color Services

Teifeld Associates through its Substratia brand of Ergosoft RIP sales and
color services works to help you achieve the best possible printing.

While Ergosoft RIP provides excellent printing for conventional CMYK printers,
it also excels at extended gamut inkset printers such as those
offered by Epson, Roland, and Mimaki. And for those who may be
interested- ask us about how the Ergosoft RIP can turn the Avery Dennison
TrafficJet/Mutoh 1682SR/1638X into an extended gamut inkset printer using the
Avery Dennison TrafficJet ecosolvent inks.

We offer the Ergosoft RIP and Ergosoft's support service contracts, both separately and together.
One Level 2 printer license is included with an Ergosoft RIP purchase from us- this includes most
64" and narrower printers supported by Ergosoft that are typical for sign shops.

When you buy the Ergosoft RIP separately, and you are within 200 miles of Chicago, we will
come to your location and help you install the RIP and completely configure one print environment
for one media(reflective or transmissive) inclusive of linearization, ink limiting, and profiling.

Should you choose to include one of the paid Ergosoft support contracts with your
Ergosoft RIP purchase, we will include one additional print environment configuration
beyond the above-mentioned offer, for a total of two.

If your location is more than 200 miles outside of Chicago, the onsite services will be
made available to you at an additional charge for reasonable travel expenses.

We also support spot color ink build optimization- meaning, if you have a Pantone or brand
color that you are having difficulty achieving- we may be able to help you get it right.

We also can work with you if you are currently working with another RIP, but need media
configuration/profiling services and/or spot color ink build optimization.
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