1. 6

    Need Help Samsung LED Modules failing - need support contact

    We installed Samsung LED modules in several channel letter signs last year. Now, suddenly, many of them are failing with no apparent cause. The supplier who sold them to us has gone out of business, and we are having zero luck getting through to the right department at Samsung. Does anyone...
  2. nolanola

    how is this signage made?

    Hello! We recently received a request for an electrical sign & wanted to get everyone's opinion on how to best produce it. We saw a few routes to go but more input is always better. Please see photos for construction. We've done LED neon before but this seems different? Thanks for the help!
  3. B

    LED lighting good way to start for signage

    I am trying to get some information on where to start when adding led lighting to signage I use to do a lot of bulbs and transformers for backlit signs and flood lights etc but I really wanna do more customized acrylic and dimensional signs with led lighting don’t know where to start??? Any help...
  4. B

    Suggestions Best LED Strip Lighting

    I've only replaced or installed the florescent lighting. I've got a customer that we are replacing the guts of an existing 3x5 box sign. I told him I think now would be the time to go to LED Strip lighting since we are having a hard time getting the lights now. What do you recommend for the...
  5. M

    Bright Ideas Lamp

    This is one of my favorite projects so far. It was for internal use, with an idea I found on Instructables.com We printed this on white dibond, and used our Colex cutter to route it to the desired shape. Then we used our Colex to route out the wood frame and we applied color changing LEDs. It...
  6. J

    What do you prefer?

    I'm currently working on a quote for a customer that will require a double sided LED Monochrome message board. I'd like opinions on what others prefer, that's reliable, and that's reasonably priced. I got a quote earlier today and I was shocked at the price. Granted I have been out of the loop...
  7. Precision

    Question LED Retrofit is washing out the sign - solutions?

    We replaced 4 large acrylic signs 2) 4'x8' and 2) 5'x10' 3'16" acrylic panels printed on Avery translucent vinyl on an HP360 with the rip settings to max ink density (supposed to be comparable to double striking). We also had an electrician retrofit the box with LEDs. All 4 of these are...
  8. D

    EFI H1625 LED belt

    Does anyone have any guides or advice on how to clean off and possibly replace the media belt on a H1625 LED Printer? None of the guides provided by EFI have any information about it. we have a lot of ink build up and we are looking for the safest solution to avoid doing any damage to the printer.
  9. BingoBrewster

    Edge Lit Led With Frosted Vinyl

    Newbie question, I have searched but not found :) Edge lit LED glass or perspex signs seem to be mostly engraved, but I see some that can be written on with markers. Will it work with cut vinyl, frosted or other, instead of engraving? Thanks in advance for any tips, advice.
  10. Westcoast Sign Guy

    Low Profile Application Leds

    Right now we're having a special on our NC LED 6500K White Horse Line. The White Horse like our Reckless line are Samsung chips, Current Regulated modules NOT Constant Voltage http://www.thesignsyndicate.com/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/5678-what-makes-a-quality-led-string/ The diffused...

    Need Help LED Power supply help

    I am doing a inside sign that will be back lit by led lighting, the needed wattage is 54 watts but the distributor recommended 60 watts, we can not wire directly and need to use a battery pack, Im curious what options are either battery packs that run off of AA or 9 volt batteries or possible...
  12. Westcoast Sign Guy

    LED Bulbs

    USHIO Utopia High-End S14 2-watt LED Lamps for all your Electric Sign & General Lighting needs. For those not familiar with "USHIO of Japan", their well known for their Giant High Powered Quartz lighting seen beaming into space from the top of the Luxor hotel. Their specialty sign &...
  13. JAMEY

    LED Lightbox Pricing

    I have a 16x3 and some 3x6 (or 4x6) LED light boxes to put up. How much would you guys charge for the individual lightboxes and their installs? The 16x3 is going to have 2 dividers for an 8 foot center one. All same place and the customer is taking care of the electrician and permits. I just...
  14. cybernalin

    LED Strip Problem

    I used 5050SMD Cool White water proof led strip to lighten up 6' x 2' white plastic sign board with cladding sheet back of the board I used 15M (3Rolls) to do this because these cheap led strip not bright enough. i fit this led strip every 2 inch space horizontaly Every thing worked fine for...
  15. U

    Need Help UL dimmer?

    Happy New Year colleagues! We use some chinese PWM dimmers (Ltech) almost on each power supplies. The UL guy say what they not listed and we can not use them. But I think this is Class 2 device and it's not suppose to be listed. What dimmers you using, anybody can recommend UL listed PWM...
  16. Westcoast Sign Guy

    Electric Sign Christmas Specials

    Some Christmas Specials from now until the end of the year!!... Inquiries or orders... (858) 880-1400 or orders@thesignsyndicate.com


  18. B

    Acrylic Monument Sign - Can it be done?

    Hi All, So I have an electrician client who is looking for a monument sign. I pitched an idea that I thought wouldn't be too big of a deal, but am now having a really difficult time finding someone to make it work. I'll attach some images. The long and the short of it. Looking for a 4' tall x...
  19. K

    Edge Lit Sign Reflective Backing

    Hello, I'm fabricating edge lit signs for backlighting artwork that I'm fabricating and was wondering what material would be best to laminate directly onto the cast acrylic panels. I took apart one I bought and it looks as though it's extremely thin plastic? It's glossy and white and plastic...
  20. 6

    Translucent vinyl shows LED hot spots

    Hello, We have built a face lit sign that is 4" deep. It has a .7" polycarbonate face with full color print on white translucent vinyl and 3M Day/Night vinyl. The LEDs show through quite clearly as "hot spots". An application of diffusing vinyl did not solve the problem. What other alternatives...