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10 yrs Experience Production Manager Seeking employment in the United States


Currently I am a production manager at a medium sized sign shop in the Bahamas. My reasons for wanting to leave Are two fold, I recently found out about family that I have living in the United States and would like to be closer to them and secondly, to make a better life for my own family.

I spent 2 years as an apprentice learning the basics of design, mounting, sign painting, plotting & simple fabrication techniques.

After that I had about 4 years learning digital printing techniques as well as mounting, installation techniques.

At present I have been the production manager of my current location for about 4 years this august.

I have strong graphic design skills, strong eyes for detail and a keen sense of quality control. With the ability not only to get work out if I need to in any section of the sign shop including sales, design, fabrication or installation but the mind to know how to take control of a situation and keep clients happy in the process.

My background doesn't focus on any one thing and that gives me the unique ability to be more creative and think well outside of any box I am put into. Producing quality, professional work in a timely manner.

Ive also completed two courses held by Avery & 3M so I know my way around decal installations fairly well

As a designer my skills are very strong, I can make a custom design for scratch, copy something that somebody else has created to meet the clients needs or follow standard branding guides given by larger entities that I have worked with before such as Wendys, KFC, Burger King, Shell, Rubis, Atlantis Hotels, Pure Silk LPGA Tour, etc.

I have deep knowledge when it comes to pricing as I have designed and built two softwares for signage pricing that we currently use in the shop that I am at now.

Below is a link to some of my work. I would say about 1% of the work that I've done over the past 10 years. Its really just as much as I have had time to upload.

Sign Design by Julius Julius17

Here is a link to my linkedin profile with more detailed information on my resume:

You can contact me at jutinker@icloud.com or WhatsApp\call at 12425254569


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Christian @ 2CT Media

Active Member
What part of the country do you want to move to?

How much are you looking to make?

Do you need a long term employment contract for a work visa/employment resident alien?

I ask these things since we are a growing company and are going to be looking at employment expansion here in the immediate/near future after our building purchase.


New Member
I am hiring for two positions right now, please private message me your hourly/salary requirements. Thank you


Active Member
You have more experience than when my dad started our business. Depending on your attitude and ability to finance you could buy my company. :)

Sign consultant

New Member
Hey there we need a guy just to handle clients call...you can give some time the rest of the day you can work for others.
Let me know if you still are in need