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126" Roll to Roll NONLATEX Printers-any recommendations?


New Member
Hey y'all, our 126 r2r is nearing end of life and were just looking at options. Need a 126" roll to roll, leaning more towards uv rather than latex and need some insight into what other operators think or what they are running. if anyone can help, id really appreciate your thoughts!! thanks!

Christian @ 2CT Media

Active Member
This machine is in the $80k range with dual roll and white? Can you laminate it easily or is the UV ink thick like their flatbeds and other brand uv inks?

Is it durable enough for wall applications unlaminated?


Merchant Member
The dual roll attachment is standard already. Yes, you decide in the beginning how you want your ink configured. I would recommend doing liquid lam for the wallcoverings. The prints my client are doing seem to be pretty dang durable (At least on the clear film they print)