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1324x | e085err head heat


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Prelims: Black stopped printing on one nozzle.
•Several cleaning cycles no luck
•manual flush - head sprays fine.reinstalled but still missing one nozzle.
•next day all black completely gone.

Local Mutoh Tech says replace head. I decide to purchase a new CR board and head cables. No luck doesn't fix head issue.

•Purchased new printhead and new dampers. Installed with original CR board and original head cables. Error 085.
•Swap cables with new cables. Same issue.
•New CR board, New head cables, New print head - Same e085err.

Out of pocket several thousands and now they're telling me I need to change the mainboard which is also several thousands more. We only have the one printer in the shop and its been down over a month. We can't afford to keep throwing money at the machine and not getting the issue solved. Help!


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Head heat tends to blow the fuse but it's not the actual cause. You're going to need to find where the short is happening that is causing the fuse to blow or you will just blow the new fuse too. It's usually going to be the head cables that are bad but it could be anything from the head to the main board.