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15" cutters

Graphic Language

New Member
We're looking for a small cutter to take on the road with us to the race tracks that we set up shop at.. we've been lugging around a large 24" cutter on a stand, but it's taking up too much room and honestly, we don't need a cutter that large with us as we normally are doing smaller graphics and t-shirts/jerseys.

We've looked at the Stika sx-15, but wanted to make sure that there wasn't another machine that we're over looking before we get one.

Is there anything out there that's compact, lightweight and can take 15" material besides the Stika? 15" is a must for the thermoflex material.

Thanks, Bryce


New Member
I use to have a Roland Stika SX-12 and have got to tell you since upgrading to the 24" which I take with me on road trips is deffinitly worth it. The issues I had with the Stika do not compare to the extra bulk of a 24" by far. The precision of the Stika is not there, no adjustable downforce/speed. Also for detailed decals forget it. If it was for simple decals like wording (not to small mind you) then it would be great for hobbiest etc. I am not sure if the 15 model is a whole lot different then the 12 or not, this is based on the 12 so...