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2nd Surface Perforated Vinyl Options

CL Visual

New Member
Hello All! I have a client with a rather large program that I'd like to capture. I'm looking for options for 2nd surface window perf. I know about a few options, just looking to see if anyone has anything else they can think of. I'll list my current options below.

1. Contravision Clear Window Perf
Print on UV printer with CMYK mirror, then floodcoat of white, then floodcoat of black

2. Gecko Grip or similar
Print CMYK only on adhesion side

3. Panofilm
Print CMYK on adhesion side and use supplied tape on edges.


Merchant Member
If you go with option 1 or 3, I will be able to get you dialed in FYI. The Panofilm tape can be hit or miss so I prefer the clear perf option.