3150x2 Jeti Answered my own Question


Color Shifting from day to day? It starts with priming the print heads.
When you loose nozzles you shift the color. When you gain nozzles you shift the color. Duh. So after every prime and flush check your color against the original print or your target color and make the adjustment needed in the density settings on your gandi software.

Grainyness in your profiles? Well if you write a profile with too many jets out
your profile will end up looking grainy. duh. change all the print heads that
have 10 or more nozzles out. Rewrite you profile and low and behold you have a nice profile with a nice quality test print.

I've been told many things that has caused these two problems for a long time as you can imagine. but what i've just said is truely what worked for me.
and I suspect it will work on other similar printers. Just thought I'd pass this on to someone who may be having the same troubles I've had.

Have a good weekend!