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Suggestions 3M Di Noc Install Pricing?


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Hey Everyone. I have a big customer who bought a roll of 3M Di Noc brushed vinyl and they want me to wrap some part of the ceiling in a bar.
How much should I charge per sf? I have done di noc before on kitchen cabinets and also in RV's. Installing on the ceiling is always a challenge but at least di noc won't give us any issues with wrinkling or stretching.
We will butt joint the overlaps and there are some spot lights on the ceiling along with smoke detectors and this and that. I also saw a modem. So we would have to cut around some stuff.
I Usually charge $2 for a normal smooth wall wrap. (vertical walls, not ceiling) Little bit extra if i have to go around pipes and whatnot. This will go on the ceiling. Should I charge like $4? I know di noc wraps are pretty expensive. I never had to price them but I used to work for someone and we did few projects.

Please let me know what you think guys.
Also just for future reference how do you price out a kitchen cabinet? All the drawers have that small edges and what not. Square footage wise won't be much but it is time consuming. Also gotta remove each drawer, each cabinet door. etc.
I am mainly interested in install prices. Thanks


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If he's supplying the material, shop rate with a minimum. I haven't worked with Di Noc, so I don't know how difficult it is or not to maneuver. But why sell yourself short? You'll need some extra hands, ladders or scaffold at the very least.


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Working upside down is a pain and you will be a lot less productive. Butt seaming on a painted surface will be difficult and time consuming as well because you won't be able to pull out the bottom piece without damaging the paint unless you have tape under the seam. I would do a test with knifeless 9mm triline. Not sure if it can cut through both layers of Di NOC cleanly or without breaking but it could be faster than putting tape down, cutting and pulling the tape out. ( install triline, pull middle line, install your first layer of Di NOC, pull line closest to outside edge removing only the green tape attached to the waste, install second piece with overlap and pull the last line of knifeless, and finally remove the Di NOC under and remaining knifeless green tape.)

Pricing, that material is outrageously expensive, so your installation will be a small part of the job so don't be afraid to CYA. A job like this will probably take 2 installers or lots of extra time and ingenuity to do it by yourself. In my mind i would be 2.5 to 3.5 times a normal flat wall.

Other things to think about; will the room be clear so you don't have to move things, are there permanent things that you cant move and will have to work around. How many and how hard will it be to work around the protrusions in the ceiling?

Ideas; would a big squeegee help get it up on the ceiling quickly, and then re-squeegee after? In my mind you would get 4 - 6 feet started so you know your headed straight enough them ride the scaffold as someone pushes it installing along the way? Somehow you will have to control the weight of the uninstalled Di NOC or it will rip itself off the ceiling. You may need a 3rd installer to support that weight or just a really good second.