3m IJ35 Gloss has famous haze


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I received some samples from 3M of their intermediate digital media IJ35 gloss. I was considering using this instead of Oracal 3651. It has a nice neutral white point, where as I think the 3651 is a bit on the blue side. The problem I see though is this haze in the gloss. I see this haze all the time in the cast plotter films. It goes away with exposure to the sun, or a heat gun. Is anyone buying this film and do they see the haze as well or is it just these samples? A lot of what I would use it for would not ever be exposed to the sun.


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We use a ton of IJ35C-10, it's great film and prints beautifully. We've not really ever noticed the mottling you're describing, I'm sure it's been there at one point or another, all vinyl will be subject to it sooner or later, but we've never noticed it. It always goes away with sun or heat, and with other films, I've never seen it affect print quality. Go ahead a buy a roll, it's good stuff.