Need Help 3M Textured Waal Application Tool- used


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does anyone have this 3M Tool available for sale that may have been used in the past? Please let us know.


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It's a great tool but If you don't have enough jobs to justify the expense use a 4 in. x 3/8 in. High-Density Foam Mini Paint Roller with Frame and make sure you buy a 6 pack of extra foam rollers. With 3M's textured vinyl it's more about the heat than the roller. Make sure your heat gun is as high as it will go, point it away from the roller, and roll it when the vinyl shrinks and smooths out. These work great on concrete block, but if you are doing brick and mortar you will need a 3M TSA-2 to get in the deepest mortar cracks. If you aren't comfortable using the foam rollers and it is a small job you can use a Rollepro with the textured surface wheel or a 3M TSA-1. The cheapest place for 3M tools is Lowen Certified.
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This is about a 1000 sqft and about 4 foam rollers.

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