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Suggestions 3MIJ40c - 8508 Gloss Lamination


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Hey guys and gals. I recently purchased a roll of of 3MIJ40c and Laminated with 8508. I am printing with a HP latex 365. I was doing a little testing with the laminate to see how well it was bonding to the media. I was able to take a knife and separate the two and pull apart with no effort. I laminated with the heat assist. I have heard that the 8508 has had problems after the fact of purchasing. Anyone have any similar issues. I am almost to the point of either switching from 3M or going with IJ180cv3 straight across the board. I know cost is more but I strive for quality not quantity. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I think there was a thread here on the 8508 failing in the past. Not real familiar with 3M stuff but if that's the cast at a calendared price, it had a lengthy thread. That's in addition to the other lam over latex issue threads.


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It's not latex. 8508 isn't as sticky as 8518. I laminated some blank vinyl and I could pull it off.

It holds on good enough that it won't De laminate. It's a little scary if your not used to it... But we've never had a failure in it.

It however looks like crap. Too much molting... We switched to 8048 and it's way more glossy, no molting.. And it does seem to be more sticky.

We won't touch 8508 again because of the clarity... But you don't need to worry about delamination issues with it.

Christian @ 2CT Media

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8508 is pure garbage... I had 22+ 100yard rolls delaminate and shrink almost 2" in 2014/2015. 3M blamed everything on us and the HP Latex. We took our $50,000 lump and moved on with never a matching issue from any other product.

They released 8048 a few years ago and its significantly better and has become our go to laminate.


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3M is usually good. Theres been times we've got a bad batch of media and they replaced it. 8508 is rated for Latex... though maybe a few years ago it wasnt. We've used it for a year or so with no issues. But following all your praise on 8048 we tried it... It's not crystal clear like 8518 since it seems to have a bit of a texture to it... but it looks 1000x better than 8508. We just started using it this past month... So I can't comment on how sticky it is compared to the others, but we're happy we switched and we'll be using it untill/unless there becomes quality issues.

It also seems to be way more glossy, which our customers like! I think we pay $20-40 a roll more... well worth it.

With 3M getting rid of bundle pricing it may fall more closely within the range of 8508 too.