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4.95 Won't Run on my XP ??


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I have had 4.95 for 5 yrs and love it, however I recently got an XP system and installed it on the XP, along with copying my art files ( .CDL) . It will not read the old data files ( some it WILL read if I IMPORT them ). When I try to cut, I get an error "Print Queues not (something)".

Is it possible that 4.95 is too old to co-operate with the new ways of XP ??

Any ideas or experience out there?



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BINGO! 4.95 was a 95/98 platform program. with XP alot of older programs wont run. you ever try loading windows 3.11 on a newer computer with AGP graphic card? it will load on the hard drive, but when it boots to windows...you get a black screen....cause 3.11 dont know what AGP is and its still lookin for a PCI graphic card. XP is the same way with older programs....
you could FDISK/FORMAT THE NEW COMPUTER and install WIN98SE on the hard drive......and you 4.95 will work there.


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Have you tried Windows XP Compatibility Mode?

Right Click on the executable for Signlab (the icon you click on to start the program), Select Properties
Click the Compatibility TAB
Click the Check Box under Compatibility Mode
Try WIN 95, WIN 98, etc

Who knows....stranger things have happened......


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As stated above, 4.95 won't run on XP according to the cadlink website tech note # 1845. The tech note says 4.95 is not compatible with the XP or 2000 systems.

According to Cadlink the way to fix the problem is upgrade to 5.x or newer. As OP mentioned, the tech note also states you may revert to 98 or 95 to fix the problem.

If you do upgrade to version 5, I would recommend checking with Cadlinks website knowledge base, do a search of windows XP in the first box, then scroll down to signlab 5x in thebox next to it, and search the tech notes, there could be some issues and their answers, or downloads you may need, one being an updated hasp driver(3.8). Or better yet, call cadlink and talk to someone in tech support, they have always been very helpful.