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5000 Vs 7000


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I am about to buy one from this two models, and in the near future.
And i need an advice - which one? As i saw - nearly the same machine, just 7000 seems litle more robust.
Is there any reason to spend 1000 euro more?


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The choice is like no contest.......7000.....it's faster, more robust, better looking, most reliable, stronger, and it grumbles (lol)


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DON NOT BUY THE 5000!! It will not contour cut for crap!! I am in the process of getting a 7000 to replace the 5000 they sent me. It is junk. Their has been alot of the 5000 series that won't contour cut!! I am spoiled from my old sign Warehouse plotter. It was way better than this Graphtec crap.--Phillip


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dont know about a 5000 but i do have a fc7000 130 and it does exactly what it says on the box,



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It is because 5000's sensor(over hanged, not press down on media like 7000), it doesn't read correctly when media buckled under the sensor, especially thicker or rigid media.

To be fair, tested 2 types of printed SAV on 5000, thick and thin, contour cut both twice on same sheet, the thick one comes out with error about 2-3mm, different cut lines, on the other hand, the thin one comes with about 0.5mm, same cut lines.

Software: Illustrator CS2, Cutting Master v1.3.


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the smallest 7000 is 30"-too big to throw in the car and take to a marina for on site lettering, so we went with the 5000 (15"). It seems like a good machine-If we were going to run it 8-10 hours a day, would have gotten the larger more robust one. I guess it mostly depends on what you'll use if for, and how you'll (ab)use it.

our old Gerber 4B ran all day every day for years and years in a very dusty shop. This seems a bit more delicate than that one was...


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My CE3000 contour cuts excellent. I have not had a problem with the sensor or with the accuracy when cutting digital prints. I would think the CE5000 should be the same or better. The FC7000 is an excellent choice also.