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7.6 Flexi for Mac OS/X Tiger is very unstable?

Scott Reynolds

New Member
Ive been hearing that Flexi 7.6 has many bugs in Mac's new Tiger OS. Has anyone heard the same? I was about to buy 2nd Flexi Pro for Mac and I am a little freeked out about the things I heard. When I called to ask about Flexi for Mac, and the flexi dealer said she has had a ton of unhappy customers with it. For now, she said I might be better off sticking with a PC version. Thanks.


New Member
I do not have MAC to test, but you can try the lower version for MAC is 7.5v5 to see how it does. FlexiSIGN 7.6v1 for PC works very good, if you are using GERBER, it has been added some features for this kind.


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
Why didn't she call Amiable/Scanvec for you and get a real answer.....from what I have heard, there are a few bugs with Tiger anyways. Par for the course with any new OS upgrade. If other software companies are scrambling to fix bugs or come out with a Tiger friendly version, why wouldn't Amiable have some solution coming out soon. Or at least tell thier dealers there is either a fix coming or they will be dropping Mac support. I have my Tiger still in the box untill I feel better about the kinks getting all worked out.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
I doubt if Scanvec-Amiable would ever drop support of the Mac platform. Flexi has had a Mac version as long as I can remember.

However, it will be interesting to see how Scanvec-Amiable handles the transition from PowerPC-based code to Intel x86-based code in MacOSX. How fast will the transition take and how long with the company maintain service on both PPC and x86 code builds for MacOSX?

My experience with Scanvec-Amiable's customer service has been decidedly hit or miss. Sometimes they'll be very good at solving problems. Other times you'll leave a message with them and never get your call returned.

Previous versions of Flexi have had some hodge podge code. I thought it was ridiculous that the version 6.x release of Flexi had trouble working under WinXP. I think it is time for Scanvec-Amiable to do a complete overhaul of their application code, particularly with the transition to 64-bit operation looming ahead.

With two different Intel-based operating systems now to support (Mac OS and Windows) along with legacy MacOS support under PowerPC, Scanvec-Amiable needs to look at a top to bottom overhaul of code in 64-bit words and done so in a clean fat-binary form that may port more easily to the three different OS builds.

Some industry specific applications re-use chunks of what some people call "public domain code" and all sorts of other libraries. The end result definitely takes on a Frankensteined feel. When the software developer writes the code clean althroughout compatibility is going to be far better. Adobe has been pretty good about that. I can load a 10 year old copy of Photoshop in WinXP SP2 without any problems.