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A font named Omega

paul luszcz

New Member
Has anyone ever heard of a font named Omega?

We have a customer who "used to be in the sign business" ask for office directory signs in either "Futura" or "Omega".

We set them in Futura and he replied "that's not Futura" when he say our proof.

He asked "if we don't have Futura, use Omega".

I know Futura has many different looks, so he may have been expecting a different one, but I never heard of "Omega".

Have you?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Omega was the name that the old Compugraphics Corp. (Now Agfa-Monotype) used for Optima. You can see it HERE and on the next page.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Paul ... I lived it. I became a type dealer in the early 1990's. I even bought stuff from Compugraphics Corp. when they had a going out of business sale in the 1980's. Along the way they had developed a substantial type library.

They were the kings of photo-typesetting machines when that technology was in charge. Their last enterprise before being acquired by Agfa was to help Gerber make their original Signmaker machines. Part of the deal was a cross license to make their version of the Signmaker which was called an Arty. The main difference was that the cabinet was beige instead of blue and the default font was Garth Graphic instead of Helvetica Medium.

I would probably do well if I was ever allowed to compete on Jeopardy. Trivia is one of my strong suits.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
CG Omega as well as other CG clones like Triumvirate were included in the CASmate fonts disc. Some of those fonts survived in the transition to Flexi.

Bitstream has a decent clone of Optima with its Zapf Humanist 601 family. There are several weights of it on any version of CorelDRAW released in the last decade.

paul luszcz

New Member
I remember the Compugraphic fonts from the advertising department of the company I worked for in 1985.

I think it was on it's way out then.

I used to see the typesetter on my way to the stat camera, where we did all our camera ready art for screenprinting signs.