A little help from the other iPhone owners.


I just got my iPhone this week, but I just now noticed this little "circle" "processing" thing going on next to my wifi bars, and it seems that my response from within some of my apps got slower. My question is...is that thing spinning meaning it's pulling data from the tower now instead of my wifi? I want to figure out how to make sure it's only doing wifi, since it's so much faster, and not getting into my data plan as well. Anyone know for sure?


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That will do that anytime data is being transferred, wifi, 3G, or edge. It should only do it when you are on the Internet or downloading something.
as long as your connected to wifi your data plan will not be used, this excludes MMS and other service side functions. power cycle your phone by holding the top and bottom button until it turn off and the apple comes back on screen this will hopefully fix your lag issues.


It could have just been my imagination. It's loading this page here quickly as my desktop. Man I love this phone!