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About our New Heat Master Press

Steve C.

New Member
OK, anyone learned anything that might be of interest? What about the Pressure? I know you adjust it with the black knob on top, but how do you know how much pressure is being applied?

We have tested the Roland Heat Transfer material for Ink Jet Printers on our Falcon Outdoor and I like it! Still need to do some more testing, I'll try to post pics when we get something nice to show. Other than that we haven't found much time to play with it yet. What have you tried?


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I've tried a couple inkjet transfers, and like you, am still in the testing phase.

The pressure is a matter of 'feel', as near as I can learn. Mine was set about right as delivered. (The best instructions I found was clamp a dollar bill (in a cold press) about half way. You shouldn't be able to pull the bill out. Try it all four corners to check for even pressure.)

I did add about a quarter turn just to get a little more 'pop' on the handle.

I picked up an infrared thermometer, but haven't warmed up the press yet to check temp accuracy. Has anyone checked that yet?

Mine actually was delivered with the voltage switch up. Anyone else?

Sure seems like a good rig.

Bob P.


New Member
I checked the temp on mine and it was with in 1 degree of what it was set on! I think I can live with that. Haven’t had much time to play with it though.:cool1:


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All I can say is that I love this thing! I use spectra cut II and I couldnt be happier with the print. It looks way better than a screenprint.

I havn't tried inkjet printing, I have never liked how that looks but will try it.

A huge thanks to Datcat and all who went in on this purchase, I think we got a hell of a deal.

Steve C.

New Member
Here's a pic of our first attempt on an old shirt I dug out of the rag bin. I have never been fond of Ink Jet Transfers either, but this one looks pretty good. The splotches you see are only reflections in the photograph. It really came out much better than I looks here.


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    first t shirt print.jpg
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I finally got to try mine out the other night. We made sure the switch was set to 110, plugged her in and nothing happened. :help:

Luckily, my husband is a technician. He opened up the back, tightened a loose connection, and we were good to go. It must have shaken loose in shipping. I tested it by putting my husband's racing logo on an old t-shirt and it really looks nice. We used ThermoFlex Plus.

Thanks to everyone for making this deal happen. I'm thrilled with my machine!

Steve, your transfer came out great! What kind of transfer paper did you use?


Steve C.

New Member
Thanks Donna, The material is Roland Heat Transfer....got it from Signwearhouse.com. I just printed another one with even more fonts, Fred...Sorry I just cant help it.

Steve C.

New Member
I know.... Too many colors, Too many effects, Too many fonts.


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    t shirt on michael.jpg
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I'm back! And stoked to see all the positive responses to the press. You're killing me though. I plugged mine in to find out my "residential" wiring/breaker is too weak for the press. Good thing... my son is an electrician! Bad thing....Attics in Southeast Texas are HOT in August but I'll play my...."I just paid for 10 days of 4x4 rental" chip on him and get him pull me a new circuit early one morning. The examples look really good! I'm gonna put together a post trip survival T-shirt for the group that went with us. Can't wait!


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
Steve C. said:
I know.... Too many colors, Too many effects, Too many fonts.
All you need is the Papyrus, Comic Sans and stretched out Times Roman and I can have my cardiac arrest......... :Big Laugh

Steve C.

New Member
Marty, It was printed on our Mutoh Falcon Outdoor 48 and contour cut. The one that we posted on the Maroon shirt Stained badly from the die in the shirt, But another one on a Terquoise Shirt still looks new after about 6 washings. I think we got some poor quality T's.

We haven't had much in the way of T-shirt business, but its fun to play with, we haven't really promoted it much either.


Just Me
We have a hat press in addition to the heat presses - not real fond of it at this point. It works okay but there doesn't seem to be a lot of demand for it. Hardest part seems to be getting the transfer to sit straight on the hat long enough to press it!