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ACDSee Photo Manager - YES ! ! !


New Member
I've seen dozens of threads here where people express interest in
various softwares to view different formats and files or thumbnails, etc . . .

ACDSee Photo manager 9 [or] Photo manager pro 8 - will be all the program you will ever need !

I have used this program for 10 years now and it is now and has always been
one of my favorite programs.

If you've ever used ThumbsPlus or some kind of font Viewing program - You're gonna dump
all of those programs and go to this great feature packed program . . . I swear by it !

Supported file formats

Image read support formats

ANI Windows animated cursor Shows cursor animation
ART AOL ART Still images
BMP Windows Bitmap Windows and OS/2; 2/8/16/24/32 bpp; RLE and uncompressed
CNV Canvas Thumbnails only
CR2 Canon RAW CR2
CUR Windows cursor
CVX Canvas Thumbnails only
DCX Multiple-page PCX All sub-types and multiple pages supported
DNG Digital negative An open-source archival format for RAW files
EMF Enhanced Metafile Format Win32 enhanced placeable metafiles
EPS Encapsulated PostScript Displays embedded thumbnail (TIFF formats) and first page only
FPX FlashPix Multiple resolution support
GIF Graphics Interchange Format Single page and animated; 87a and 89a
ICO Windows icon Shows multiple resolutions as separate pages
IFF EA/Amiga Interchange File Format
JP2 JPEG2000 48-bit support
JPC JPEG2000 48-bit support
KDC Kodak™ KDC Reads both the full image and the embedded thumbnail
MAG MAG All sub-types supported
MRW Konica Minolta RAW
ORF Olympus RAW
PBM Portable BitMap
PCD Kodak™ PhotoCD Up to 3072x2048 resolution (16BASE)
PCX ZSoft Publishers Paintbrush All sub-types supported
PGM Portable GrayMap
PIC SoftImage PIC All sub-types supported
PCT Macintosh PICT
PDF Adobe Acrobat documents Can read all pages.
PIX Alias PIX 24 bpp
PNG Portable Network Graphics All sub-types supported
PPM Portable PixMap
PS Adobe Postscript First page only
PSD Adobe PhotoShop Document RGB, grayscale, duotone, paletted and bi-level
Lab color interpreted as grayscale only
PSP Paint Shop Pro Version 5 and version 6
Quick-Time™ .qtif, .qif, .qfi Support for Apple QuickTime™ still image codecs
RAF Fujifilm RAW
RAS Sun Raster Uncompressed and RLE compressed
RAW Pentax RAW, Leica RAW, Contax RAW, Casio RAW
RSB Red Storm image format All sub-types are supported
SGI SGI Image Format 8-32 bpp; no colormaps; RLE or uncompressed
TGA Targa TGA All sub-types supported
TIFF Tag Image File Format Bilevel/RGB/Paletted/CMYK/YCrCb/LOGL/LOGLUV
SGILog/CCITT/ZIP/NEXT/New-JPEG (no v6.0 JPEG support)

Support for multiple-page documents

WBMP Wireless Bitmap
WMF Windows Metafile Format Win 3.x placeable metafiles
X3F Sigma RAW X3F
XBM X bitmap
XPM X pixmap
Image write support formatsBMP Windows Bitmap Windows 1/8/24 bpp
GIF Graphics Interchange Format Non-interlaced GIF 89a only
IFF EA/Amiga Interchange File Format
JP2 JPEG2000
PCX ZSoft Publishers Paintbrush 8 and 24 bpp; RLE compressed
PNG Portable Network Graphics 1/4/8 bpp colormapped; 24 bpp RGB
PSD Adobe™ PhotoShop Document RGB, grayscale, duotone, paletted and bi-level
RAS Sun Raster Uncompressed and RLE compressed
RSB Red Storm image format All sub-types supported
SGI SGI Image Format 8-32 bpp; no colormaps; RLE or uncompressed
WBMP Wireless Bitmap
TGA Targa TGA 8 and 24 bpp. RLE and uncompressed, top-down and bottom-up
TIFF Tag Image File Format 1/8/24 bits per pixel, single-page; uncompressed, CCITT3, CCITT4, LZW, Deflate (ZIP), and JPEG compression; Adjustable DPI tags

Archive read support formats

ARJ ARJ archive ARJ format
CAB CAB archive Microsoft CAB file format
GZ GZ archive Unix GZIP (GnuZIP)
LHA LHA and LZH archives Lhd, lz4, lh0, lh1, lh4, lh5, lh6, lh7, Lzh
RAR RAR archive RAR format
TAR TAR archive Unix TAR format
TGZ TGZ archive TAR format compressed with GZIP
UU UU archive UUEncoded files
ZIP ZIP archive Store and Deflate

Archive write support formats

LHA LHA and LZH archives Lhd, lz4, lh0, lh1, lh4, lh5, lh6, lh7, Lzh
ZIP ZIP archive ZIP format
Video and audio read support formatsAIF Audio Interchange File Format
AIFC Audio Interchange File Format
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
ASF Active Streaming File - HoTMetaL Pro
AU A sound file format used on Sun Microsystems or other UNIX computers
AVI AVI movie format
GSM Global System for Mobile Audio
M15 Apple MPEG-1 Video
M1A Apple MPEG-1/2 Audio
M1V Apple MPEG-1 Video
M2A Apple Mpeg-1/2 Audio
M3U MP3 Playlist files
M75 Apple MPEG-1 Video
MOV QuickTime movie
MP2 MPEG Layer II compressed audio
MP3 MPEG Layer III compressed audio
MPA Apple MPEG-1/2 Audio
MPEG MPEG movie or animation file
MPG MPEG encoded file
MPV Apple MPEG-1 Video
QCP Qualcomm PureVoice
QTPF QuickTime PreFlight Text
SD2 Sound Designer II
SMI Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SML Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SND Sound file
SWA MPEG layer III audio
SWF Macromedia Flash 4
VFW Video for Windows
WAV Sound file
WMV Windows Metafile

Find out for yourself at : http://www.acdsee.com/