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acquired Mega1


New Member
Want to thank Fred for the great service and quick responce to my e-mail.
I really like the Mega one software and am using it daily and I should get great mileage from it. Looking at the Mega 2 I think I like whats in #1 better. Did I hear that there is a version #3 soon to be released? I wasn't sure.
Anyway, thanks alot Fred.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Yes Vector Art Mega 1 is a great collection and a tough one for Mega 2 to live up to. OTOH, Mega 2, with some obviously dubious categories, is still a great value and will make one lots of ROI.

Mega 3 keeps getting moved back and is currently slated for mid to late summer. I haven't seen the content yet.

Vector Art has just released a 4 CD set titled Vector Art Digital Mega Collection. It includes Sign Fills, Sign Blanks, Chalk Art and Street Racer. Chalk Art and Street Racer were previously released on their own. Sign Fills and Sign Blanks is new. We will be carrying it but are waiting for the DVD version to be released which will have some small issues corrected. You can look it over at the Vector Art website if you're interested. We will be offering it at a discount when we have it.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
It promises to be as large or larger but quite different from either Mega 1 or Mega 2. Like I said, it's hard to top Mega 1.