Acrylic Signs


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Hey all,

I have a customer looking for acrylic signs with an adhesive backing for classrooms. They need to have 1 inch letters, adhesive backing, and must use contrasting colors. So, 2 colors with adhesive backing sized at 12" x 9".
I am hoping somebody can point me in the right direction, or perhaps a merchant member would have a product similar to what I am looking for.
He wants 1000 to start off and many more after a successful run. He does not want anything vinyl lettered.
I was thinking silk screening them but the issue would be what type of material we can use that will take the UV ink as well as run through our dryer.
Feel free to send any suggestions my way! Thanks in advance.
Enjoy the long weekend everyone.


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hmmm I would make him pay upfront for this project THEN we will see if he orders 1000, lol. When I hear words like "If this is successful".....I tend to lose insterest. You might need to post a layout of exctly what youre talking about Im not grasping