Acuity Advance HS X2


What do you all think about the Acuity Advance HS X2?
We do alot of long runs 4'x8 to 5' x 10' and Jeti 3150x2.
Quality seems better on Acuity. Are there any hang ups or querks
about the machine andy gripes?


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Acuity HS

We have had an acuity advance HS (not X2)(Oce 550) for about 5 months and have found the machine to be reliable with fantastic image quality. I am very happy with the printer and highly recommend it. In production mode it does about 10 beds per hour. White can be a bit pesky, with frequent nozzle outs that require cleaning. We also have a mysterious coolant level issue that hasn't been resolved yet. Fuji service here is Winnipeg, Canada is fantastic.

The roll option is also very good, but requires close attention to the media advance correction settings to avoid banding. Tracking is great, we can run 50 yd banner rolls unattended without any problems. Wish it was 96" instead of 86" wide.

Here are some random thoughts & comments

We haven't had many banding issues, except with white.
Never had a need to use adhesion promotor.
Great wide ink gamut.
Printing white ink is pretty slow.
The vacuum hold down is pretty weak. This could use some improvements.
Required daily maintenance is easy and quick.
Anti-static bar works. Never had a static issue.
The latest version of colorgate RIP was pretty buggy when first installed. Our software support fixed it, by using a slightly older software build.
Getting replacement parts from Fuji is pretty slow because they source them through Holland (even though the factory is in Vancouver, Canada). I have heard that if you buy the Oce machine the parts delivery scenario is better, but at our location there are no local service reps, which is why we went with Fuji.