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Adhesive Vinyl

Scott Sneddon

New Member
I am going to be printing on adhesive vinyl to make realtor signs and some stickers. I like the idea of Air Release but wasn't sure which brand people in the industry prefer? Avery, 3m or Orajet?


Orajet and 3M are my favorites...I’m using 3M for their cast wrap materials and Orajet for my flat signs and decals. Orajet 3551RA with 215 laminate is a nice option for long term outdoor signage on flat surfaces ie ACM or similar. And Orajet 3165RA with the same laminate will perform just about the same but is much less expensive. I usually offer either option to my customer...explaining that you might get another year or two out of the 3551. The 35c by 3M is also great, comparable in performance to the 3165, and I like 3M air release better than Orajet.