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Adobe Dimension


has anyone ever used Adobe Dimension to make 3d visuals for customers and if so can you show me some of your samples

Evan Gillette

New Member
I would be interested in any examples as well. I doubt there are any sign examples out there as it is more likely used for mock ups of print items like product packaging. It would really be hard to justify spending the time to make a sign mock up (or at least get paid to). Coming from an engineering background, I have done up some signs in 3D modeling software (fusion360 and solidworks) but mostly for kicks. It does give a nice presentation for dimensional signs but is time consuming. One of the advantages of this is the ability to change material properties and lighting sources easily and get a realistic preview.


New Member
Keep in mind as well, at least at this point in the game, Dimension is more or less compositing software. The assets need to be created in other programs.

This may or may not change, but as of right now, how I'm reading it, that's how the program is. So the objects that the logo/design are going on, have to be already be available and can't be created on the fly within Dimension itself.

If you are really wanting to do 3D mockups, probably looking for 3D modeling software with builtin compositing abilities. Until Dimensions can have modeling abilities (or they have pre-done assets that would have you covered for your needs (if they don't already).


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Just saw this, so I would imagine that they are going to get there sooner then later through acquisitions. It'll still take awhile to filter down, but it'll get there in the CC suite soon enough.