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So we recently re-faced an existing flexface sign for a new office for our parent company. It is a backlit, double sided 16ft x 9ft flex face. Got new cooley material and laid the vinyl down. Got the faces hung up and it is very tight, but still have wrinkles along a couple edges. What are some tricks to getting these wrinkles out?


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Heres a pic


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d fleming

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Calling those wrinkles is killing a mosquito with an ax. Rearrange whatever clamps you are using and retension.


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Looks like it wasn't tensioned properly and maybe not enough attachment/clamp points either.

How/when did you put the cooley material on the framework?


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not much to say, but install it better....

i've done 4 flex faces in my life, they weren't rocket science. start at the top, then work down the sides, tighten at the bottom....

i'd fire the guy that left the scene with it looking like that...


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Thanks. Last time I did one was 5 years ago and was a bit different system. I figured it was pulling the locks out one at a time and re-tension them. We were losing daylight quick and rain was coming in so we had to leave it like this. But before I went back up somewhat blindly, I would see if there were any tricks I didn't know about.

d fleming: Thats the kind of thing I was asking about. I did the top, hung the face and then worked my way down. I'll try it doing the centers first.

Thanks again.


It definitely was not pulled correctly/tight enough. Also that fact that it is black does not help. As it gets hot it will wrinkle, and you will have to go back and tighten it, even if it was pulled tight to begin with.


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Attach top middle, bottom middle, sides in middle, then work to 4 corners.

:goodpost:If you want some help watch some Youtube videos on how to frame a canvas painting. Pretty much the same idea. Top middle, bottom middle, then sides, Then do two on each side of the top middle. Then two on each side of the bottom middle and so on and so on until you reach the corners.

Then fire whoever left it like that and thought it looked good.


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looks more like a 6x16' what extrusion is that? def needs more clips and more tension. Have your installers do a little more research next time before they go out on a flexface job.


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That's what I love about this site... I've got to do my first 'flex-face' tomorrow and was wondering how I'd go about this... We aren't using a clamping/tensioning system, so the method of starting in a certain place and working your way along has really helped... Thanks guys!!!