Affinity Designer - 50% Off Sale Ends June 20

Bobby H

Just like the subject line says, Saturday, June 20 is the last day to take advantage of the COVID-19 related sale on Affinity graphics applications. Anyone curious about Affinity Designer can buy it for OSX or Windows for $24.99 or $9.99 for iPad. The application regularly costs $49.99 (PC/Mac) and $19.99 (iPad). The same sale applies to Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher. By the way Publisher is not available for the iPad.

I bought the iPad and Windows versions to experiment and learn more about what they can do compared to the other vector applications I have. It may also be handy to have the applications if we receive art files created in AD.


New Member
I just downloaded the trial the other day, haven't really had much time to mess with the programs yet. I was thinking of buying them just to have on hand

Tim Miller

New Member
The 90 day trial is back, plus 50% off full downloads. They also have done an update which I haven't had a chance to install yet.