Suggestions Aftermarket Ink for HP Latex 360


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I installed Bordeaux 831 inks in my HP Latex 360 and the typical error message came up about using non-OEM supplies, but when I went to push "OK" to move on to print, the error message wouldn't clear. The "OK" button wouldn't work. I had to click cancel to clear message and another error message appeared showing ink cartridges were missing.

I then powered the printer off and rebooted it and after running through the set up the same error message and process occurred again. I rebooted for a second time and again no luck with all the same errors showing up.

I then threw the OEMs back in and the printer identified the cartridges and began to print. The chips on these cartridges are supposed to work with all the new firmware updates.

Is anyone else having problems with using Bordeaux or other aftermarket inks in their HP latex machines? Or does anyone have instruction on how to bypass the error messages to print?


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yes new chip on Hp831 avaible on Static control uk or in STS ink Miamy or Gel-ink in France