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Agfa Head Issue


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Hi All

I'm no longer doing printing full time, I've taken a new and totally different job, but I agreed to help out the place I used to work on an as available basis. I agreed to print a single sign today. We have an Agfa Anapurna Mv, 10 years old now.

I fired the machine up, can get all the heads to fire properly except cyan. I've run flush though the head, I've done the jet test, and it tested fine, but when I try to purge the head, I get nothing coming out. I'm letting the head soak with flush solution overnight, and will try to come back tomorrow to see if I can get it to work. But this is totally a new one to me. Nobody else has run the machine, it has sat for a while, but again, all the other heads fire fine, purge fine. It will test print on all the other heads fine, the cyan, no.

Suggestions to look for would be greatly appreciated
Ken Miller


It’s all about your print!
Your reservoir could be clogged. Flush and ink come from different locations. Was the jet test actually printing Cyan or was it the flush?


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The jet test is where is forces ink out in a vapor, I am assuming by this point, it was flush. But when you do a purge, it pushes nothing through.