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AI10-cutting tiled artwork


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I'm trying to cut tiled artwork out of AI-10. It shows as tiled on the screen and I have selected "Tile Imageable Areas" on the Document Set Up Menu. The artboard size is the size of the completed tiled artwork. The I go to the cut/plot menu and I have tried setting the material size at both the completed size of the piece and the size of the separate tiling pieces. The only difference is that when viewed, I can see the whole thing when I set the material size at the completed size and otherwise I can't. But either way it only cuts one of the tiles. It doesn't pop up a box that says now put in the next sheet. I'm missing something, but I don't know what it is. Anybody got any ideas?

Thanks - Barbara


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What I have is a (please don't laugh) Roland Dr. Stika cutter, so the "cut choice" software with the AI 10 update is what I'm using. It came with the cutter. When using the design software that came with the cutter, I would set the design for tiling and it would cut the first sheet then tell me to insert the next sheet. - Barb

Fred Weiss

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Can't help myself ... sorry.

I honestly don't know how Roland has it set up. Have you checked the help files?


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such a pain.... when i've had to tile, i manually create the different sections in illustrator. i'm using a Graphtec CE 3000-60 with their AI plug-in. it's a pain and i'm sure there's a better way, but it's how i've gotten it done. try making a rectangle the size of your media to be cut, and using the divide tool in the pathfinder window. it can't be the best way to do it, but it works. make sure to copy your original image and lock it (on a different layer helps too) so you can keep going back to it. does anyone else have a better way?



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I have Corel and FlexiStarter and what I been doing is creating everything in corel and copy and pasting in FlexiStarter and cutting from there.... just wondering if theres a way to cut and preview what your cutting to your cutters specifications directly from Corel instead of having to cut from FlexiStarter 7.5?

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