Question Air channel vs not


Can anyone think of a good reason not to offer general purpose stickers on air release vinyl versus not? Aside from wet application I don't see any downsides, and would love to just switch to all air-flo all the time.

I can't foresee any argument even a picky client would have against it.... ?

We're talking plain jane, contour cut, 3x3 to 5x5 ballpark stuff. Nothing specialized or much larger.


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If you are masking the decals, mask doesn't like to stick to air release liners, so that's something to consider.


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air release is the way of the future, i reckon. Its the only vinyl i'd use if it was available in the full range of colors. As for wet application, it works fine with air release vinyl


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I'm no expert but don't want people reading that and making a mistake. As far as I know, you should not use air release vinyl with wet application because the water gets trapped in the channels and you can't squeegee it all out. This causes it to fail earlier.


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Thinner lines and lettering are more prone to peeling/failure over time with air release vinyl.
For 3x3 or 5x5, what quality are you talking? We get a lot of real estate signage or other semi-temporary stuff so we do stickers on the margins of those, since most of our sticker orders are also temp/cheapy ones. We don't use air-egress for coroplast/windows/temp stuff - I was under the impression it was a little more costly? Or have we just been shooting ourselves in the foot?
For cheap stickers we switched over to air release about a year ago. It doesn't cost much more and I figure it's easier to apply. Stickers are stickers and most people aren't going to apply them wet, they just want to stick them on their car window, guitar case, notebook, or whatever.