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Just curious to who has an aj-1000 here? We are thinking of picking up a 2008 version and didn't know if there is any difference between current version and that one?



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AdvancedJET information

The AdvancedJET AJi models featured the addition Roland Intelligent Pass Control in the printer firmware starting with version 4.0 and above as well as new print head protection plates. The firmware is easily updated in the 2007/2008 AJ-1000s and the head protection plates can be added if they were not installed by the local Roland dealer in 2009.

The original AJ covers are dark blue, the AJi series has dark grey covers.

From a performance perspective, the machines are identical.

I am the Product Manager for the AdvancedJET series, so please feel free to PM me or contact us at 800-542-2307 for additional information.

Robert Ozankan
Senior Product Manager - Color Products
Roland DGA