Alarm Monitoring Signs - options?


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I have a client looking for something in the 8x10 to 10x12 size for a yard alarm sign. Curious what the most cost effective substrate and stake options are in your opinion. He only wants roughly 25 or so this time around.


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He's open to PVC, etc as options as well if you guys think they will last and be cost effective


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Check with your supplier,

N glantz has a house brand ACP (be bond or be board something like that) that is less than 040 alum

if they want durability that rules out Corplast or pvc


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Stouse makes them, and I think they also sell blanks in different shapes. A lot of the big screen print shops also sell blank shapes if your order isn't big enough to screen print.

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Do them in HDPE or Aluminum. Styrene or PVC will break down in the sun.

When you need a larger qty (or if you want a bid for 25) let us know.


Pat Whatley

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Polyethylene instead of PVC.

For the stakes use 1/2" square aluminum tubing. If you want to really make them look professional then cut the tips to 45 degrees and order caps for the top of the tube from Outwater. Attach the signs to the stakes with VHB tape.