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Align ?


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I have a align problem...How do I align to the outside of an object? I have 2 vector objects and with I align it does it to the inside. Thanks


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Zoom in, hold down the control key and nudge it over using the arrow keys?

You can adjust the "Nudge" distance in the TOOLS>OPTIONS>RULERS. Holding the control key down makes it a "micro" nudge.

There's probably an automatic way to do it but this is how I'd do it.


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Do you mean like align to the left, right, top or bottom? If so, you can use L, R, T or B for their respective aligning functions.


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Like this..I need a fast way to do this. I spend alot of time nudging the objects I want to the outside. Thanks


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Another way to do it would be to:

Click and Drag on the ruler to create a Guideline
Click on each object and move it to the Guideline
Each object will "snap" to the guideline and will abut each other

I found no "automatic" way to do it.


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This looks like a lot of steps, but it really isn't, I just had to cover all the bases.

1. Select the item you want to move first
2. Press and hold the shift button while selecting the item you want to align it to.
3. Press T, B, L, R or P to align Tops, Bottoms, Left Sides, Right Sides or Center to page.
4. Deselect all objects then select the object you want to place outside.
5. Take note of the object's size in the object sixe box and enter that exact number into the nudge offset box
6. Nudge the object the direction you want to move it . . . Taaa Daaa!
7. Reset your nudge offset when finished.