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All I wanna do is zoom a zoom zoom


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Ok the subject line wasn't funny. I'm a relatively new user to Flexi although I've been around signs for a few years. The zoom on Flexi Pro 6.6 always goes towards the template but when your doing things much larger it won't allow you to zoom by selecting it. It always goes to the template. Any way to adjust this? On Inspire you always zoomed on selected no matter how far off the template it was.



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You Should Have A Zoom Tool Bar - If I Remember Right It Is Displayed At The Bottom Left By Default. Within This Tool Bar You Should Have Many Zoom Options

Zoom In
Zoom To Page
Zoom Out
Zoom To Previous
**Zoom To Selected**
Zoom To All Objects
Pan View (Space)
Zoom Tool
Preview Bitmaps
Fill Mode

Zoom To Selected Objects Will Accomplish What You Want.
If You Do Not Have This Tool Bar Displayed - Right Click On Tool Bar Area (Outer Edge Of Window) And A List Of Toolbars Will Be Displayed - Click On "View" To Display This Tool Bar.

Hope This Helped You Out!
If Not Please Ask And I Will Try To Help More!