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Allen 830 Plus: Groove Filler?


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I have an "OLD" Allen 830 Plus. From what I hear, they no longer make the stip under neath the cutter blade. So called, "Groove Filler" in the manual. Now does anyone know where I can get this so called, "Groove Filler" and if not can they suggest to me an alternative.

Here's my problem: There are a few well driven grooves in my stip there. This makes cutting very difficult/time costly when I go to weed stuff out.

Now I'm not sure if this is the proper forum either so please bare with me since I have never had to do this before.

Thank You,



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I believe they call the groove filler a platten strip. Usually you can reverse the strip and use the other side if it hasn't already been used.

If you haven't, I'd try Allen Datagraph for a strip or maybe your local supply company.



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Thank you for your help. I just went there web site and submitted for some information. I hope things will turn out ok.


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groove filler

I also have an Allen, and just purchased a new insert, Center Platen. The part # for mine is PL-00-24-680. The cost was $12.00. You can call Allen Direct at 603-893-1983