Allen Datagraph 536 GTS


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Hey everyone,

I am new here but was hoping I could get some answers. I have a Allen Datagraph 536 GTS and I cut sandblast resist material for a monument business.

I do not run the plotter all day, do a few jobs at a time. I am wasting at least 9" of this material each time I start a new job; at $20 a foot you can obviously see my problem.

The plotter is sprocket and friction feed and have no idea how the friction feed works. My problem comes when I have to "feed" out the job so I can cut it off to work with it. When I do this it means I have about 9" between the point I cut the stencil off and the physical blade.....if I roll the stencil back in it comes off the sprocket wheels in the there any way around this?

I have tried a search and have come up with nothing. Thanks


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^^ Thanks, doesnt look like hes been on for over a year though.... I was actually suprised at the lack of manuals and guides for this equipment


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I love my Allen Datagraph plotter. It is a workhorse. I too have always been a little surprised how little information they list on their website. That being said if you give them a call they always seem to provide excellent support for what I may need.