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Almost no ink printing out of head


New Member
I give up!!
If I can pull all colors through the capping station and I see all rainbow of colors in the capping station and I get almost nothing to print out of the head, what could that be????


The Granbury Wrap & Sign Guy
Did you get anywhere with this over the weekend?

Were you doing anything inside the printer and then it stopped working? More info would be helpful.

Edit: We had a similar issue and it ended up being a bad print head.

Joe House

Sign Equipment Technician
There really needs to be more info before anyone can help. What's the history on the printer recently - work done to it, inks used, maintenance performed, picture of the nozzle test, etc. The way you phrased the initial post, ewded was absolutely right.


New Member
Lots of things. Bad print head, dampers, ribbon cables, fuses... like Joe said, need more details, and post a Nozzle Check too.