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Johnny Best

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Does MacTac carry an outdoor product like that?
Used BigFish's product and it broke down after being outside for awhile.


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Every version of my iDot will do the same. The mini-dot adhesive does not react well to water.
Has anyone used something like idot for replacing magnetic signs on Ford truck aluminum bodies and had any luck with it.

We've been using Glass APeel (formerly Glass AdHere) for temporary window signs, as well as magnetic sign replacement and it works very well. It's at a price point people can easily afford, so even if they trash them, they are cheap to replace. It's very thick and rigid, so it doesn't stretch and it sticks like crazy to most smooth surfaces but removes easily. The only thing that might be a drawback is it has a matte finish and you can't gloss laminate it or it may cause edge curling, although liquid laminate might be okay. Here is a link. Maybe you can hit them up for a sample to test.



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We have a Micro-Suction PET film that is similar to Glass APeel but at a better price ($275 for a 54" x 164' roll). It holds up well in rain and stayed on our vehicles in 70+ mph traffic until my associate put her car through a brush car wash.


IOM Micro-Suction PET Vinyl can be applied to any smooth (glass, metal, etc . . .) or semi-smooth (drywall, appliances, etc . . .) surface, is inherently no-bubble, and may be the easiest material to install. It’s non-adhesive which means no residue will be left behind and it will not damage the surface you apply it to. Also, it won’t lose an adhesive bond when removed.

If you would like a sample, let me know.

Donald Berglund
Instant One Media
(404) 228-6329 x3.


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i convinced the last guy who wanted a magnet to put vinyl on the vehicle and take a blank magnet when he doesn't want it seen. i know this won't work for a alum truck, but sell them blank idots to put over it when they want no advertising.

guy loved the ideal, he used to keep mags on most of the time, only took them off when he was working through another company or in a town he didn't have a license.