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Need Help AMC-3 CNC Controller Needed - Repair or Replace


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I have a late 1990s 4x8 Vytec Rebel router with a Perske 5hp spindle. It is controled by an AMC-3 NEE. Suddenly we are getting a serial port error. We've done our best to make sure it is not software and believe it is the actual port on the AMC.
It appears AMC is out of business and Vytec won't even talk to me due to the age of the equipment. Up until this point it has worked flawsly.
I am wondering if any of you have a controller sitting around that is no longer being used, or if anyone has a schematics of the AMC. Do any of you know of an individual or company that might be able to repair this unit? So far I've found two on the Internet, but am not convinced they have actually worked on on of these before.
Finally, if not, have any of you converted to another brand of controller and been successful in making it work correctly.
Thanks for any help you can give.


I used ERD in N.C. once to repair my control box for a Camtech router. Price was fair and I seem to remember it was pretty fast too.


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I would look into this controller Centroid Acron A guy that builds and upgrades CNC equipment says it is one of the best he has seen and he used to custom make controllers.


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Thanks for the leads guys. I called ERD and may work with them. Would certainly prefer to purchase a used AMC if any of you have one lying around, but will repair if necessary.

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AMC are still going, now run by a German company

uk rep
Alan Henderson
Irridian Industrial Electronics Ltd

2b Nelson Park West
United Kingdom
NE23 1WG

Tel: +44(0)1915970636
Fax: +44(0)1914067523
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