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Amusing Signs - says it all, really.


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So, here I am. I've been operating this little vinyl business for about a year and I'm just getting around to the various websites. So far, this is one of the most interesting forums I have seen.

My business is named Amusing Signs for a reason. I produce signs for the amusement industry. The signs mostly consist of show cards, cards that explain the rules of rides or games.

I am experienced in the amusement industry. This gives me an edge when it comes translating the customer's ideas into a sketch or sign. I'm at the point already where most of my regular customers tell me what they want, give me the cash up front and let me run with my own ideas. This has as many drawbacks as it does benefits: The customer usually wants their stuff in a day or two, they want theirs before anybody else and they want it cheaper than the next guy . . . and they all talk to each other.

So, what do I do? Strict pricing based on the number of colors, size and complexity. First come gets served first. Deliver it all on the same day if possible.

So, that's a little about me . . . I'll share what I know to be fact if someone asks, but most likely, I'll be watching and listening a lot.

Glad to be here - Jim

Fred Weiss

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Welcome to Signs 101 Jim.

I second the motion that you post some photos in our gallery. Your area of specialty sounds very interesting and I think there are a couple of other members that work pretty much in the same niche.



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Your gonna hate me Jim,
I do a lot of theme and amusment park signage, I get to take weeks to months to design them and have someone else make them-our company is currently working on a theme park in Hong Kong-that uses 2 languages, translations are tedious since you either have to switch your computer to Chinese or what is going on now is they are doing it and sending it over as outlines. It is fun to say the least, I'm just glad I'm not the poor sap having to do that part.....


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Hi Jim, it sounds like your pretty busy, that means people like your work. Glad to see you here and look forward to seeing your work in the gallery.



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busy, I guess . . .

I am definately very busy during the amusement season on the U.S. Eastern seaboard, but I also enjoy a slowdown during the off season. This allows me to have the holidays off and enjoy the time with my family.

Rick, I enjoy the smaller signs. I offer several stock sizes and buy a lot of precut panels. Overnight work is usually pretty simple and is the bread and butter of my business.

A lot of people feel that this type of work isn't sign making at all and that it detracts from the industry. Okay, I concur to a point . . . that point is when I deposit the greenbacks. Someone has to do it and many local shops know that I'm quick and fair at my specialty. I don't step on their toes and they don't step on mine.


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They are signs alright, sometimes I go through 5-10 copy changes with copywriters to architects to ride consultants getting involved, it's signage!!!