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Question An Electric Sign in Miami


Advanced beginner
Hi Guys!

I am sharing with you a job that I just received to be quoted by the client.
It is a Cricket Wireless Store, they want an electric channel letter sign.

4 by 17 aprox size.
I have been quoted by a Miami "Channel letter wholesale place"
$6400 including, Installation and permits.
They guided me to put a 30% on top of that as my profit......Making the final bill of the customer for around $8000 bucks.

Down here I put the detail specs for the sign.

Basically I would like you guys to tell me if this Miami prices are Ok.
Also to compare prices in general around the country for this type of job.
I only produce regular signage, Acm's, ultraboards, store graphics an so on.

But i do not fabricate elaborate "hard to make" Signs.
I just sell them and make a wholesaler do the production and Installation for those.

Let me know please what do you think.

Thank You!



  • Cricket Sign Specs 01.jpg
    Cricket Sign Specs 01.jpg
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    Cricket Sign Specs 02.jpg
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    Cricket Sign Specs 03.jpg
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