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And yet another Canadian

Dale Horn

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You're welcome to come and see ...

I have to warn you though it can cold enough that even the politicians have to keep their hands in their own pockets.


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Dale Horn said:
I have to warn you though it can cold enough that even the politicians have to keep their hands in their own pockets.

Hell will have to freeze over for that to happen!


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So I would be correct in noting that they smoke more than fish in Canada?

Some of us, yes, others(like my Mom), are whacked and don't touch booze or pot, listen to Christian radio, and believe too much of what they see of TV. Actually, I'm not chronic, but one of my employees is, and dammit, he's the best person I've ever had the privelege of employing...I don't know what I'd do without him.

Canada, once polite and boring, has had a quick evolution lately. I used to think of The Netherlands and Scandinavia as the world's most liberal/forward-minded societies, but now it seems Canada is neck-and-neck with 'em....marijuana is on the verge of being decriminalized and gays and lesbians can marry. It really hit home when a week ago when I scanned the paper, and in the "marriage announcements" section, what was there but a pic of a lesbian couple, holding hands and smiling into the camera, gay as can be(ah, love, it's a beautiful thing). Things have changed! :)

Oh well, c'est la vie, and live and let live.

In Vancouver the government's created a safe shoot-up facility, where junkies are given free heroin(or methadone if they choose to quit), a nice room to inject, and nurses in case of an OD or whatever. It's had a positive effect on the community as violent crime has fallen, addicts aren't shooting up and passing out on the streets(at all hours of the day), these poor people aren't whoring themselves on the corner for a $10 fix(not that I'm against prostitution...it's a victimless crime really...oh no, I forgot about the government...it's the victim since it doesn't get tax revenue from these mostly-cash transactions...hmmm, makes you wonder why it's illegal), and AIDS transmissions are greatly reduced (free clean needles...no sharing). Giving addicts free heroin sounds like a crazy idea, but it's working.

By the way, weed is the only illicit drug I condone.


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"By the way, weed is the only illicit drug I condone."

amen :thumb:

we canadians smoke then fish, smoke and fish,then smoke the fish :Big Laugh

In canada if ya got 3 doctors to sign forms to say yer fukd up, the gov will sell it too ya fer cheap, even give ya your own designated grower.

oh ya this is the sign board i forgot :Oops:


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From what I hear, you don't want to buy from the guvment...lame sh*t.
It only takes a 400 watt high pressure sodium to grow as much as you can smoke.

Can you believe Tommy Chong went to jail for selling pipes (no dope, no residue... just glass pipes)? Now why send a man to jail for that? Aren't jails crowded enough? Aren't judicial systems bursting at the seams? What are our incarceration rates? Do we really need to stress the system by imprisoning people for recreational smoking?

Who does it hurt? Have you heard of people smoking a couple joints and then beating their wives? Of course not. Not like alcohol. Alcohol's ruined innumerable more lives than pot ever will.

Anyway, yes, signs.......sorry.

I have to make some now.