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Another Newbie.....


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Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Steve Leahy and while I'm not really a sign painter, I do a lot of airbrushing and have been lurking here for a while reading other members airbrush posts. So I figured that I would finally jump in myself.

For those who want to check out what kind of airbrushing that I do, here is a link to my site.


Lonely Fisherman

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:Welcome: to :signs101: Steve!!

Great paintings in your gallery! I love P-51D's and F-15's! When I lived near Minot North Dakota it was always fun to watch the Eagles take off from Minot AFB or to sit in one during Northern Neighbors Day at the base. Ocassionally we'd catch a glimpse of them chasing each other around the sky. It was fun to imagine what that ride would be like!

Welcome to the group!!



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Thanks for the welcome everyone, I hope I can contribute!

Fish, 15's are amazing. Even though I've seen them at air shows and on AF bases, I have one memory that always stands out in my mind about that jet.

I live about 25 miles south of Boston in one of the flightpaths of Logan International Airport so there is a commercial jet flying over my house every minute. On September 11th after they shut down all the commercial flights there was this lone f-15 that would fly out from the airport then curl back into the flight plan that the big jets usually took to land and then patrol back out again. It did that all day and it was both comforting to know that he was there but also frightening to know what he was doing. I'll never forget that.