Another Perf Thread

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So we've all had problems with perf. I've been in business for almost 13 years and NEVER had an easy road with it. You can't get away without laminating it for an permanent projects and therein lies the problem.

We have most recently (few years) been laminating the edges down (lam strips) but even then it's hit or miss when it will peel back. We have noticed when we stretch the lam strips too much around corners they'll def pop up. So I just wanna know has anyone been down this road already? Have you found a miracle? Certain technique?

We're doing a 35 bus project coming up (full wraps) and just wanna revisit this.



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3M Edge seal and or optically clear CAST laminate strips, and you should be using my perf most importantly! lol
Unlaminated perf for short term windows, laminate everything else and edge tape. I keep corners straight, just overlap, don't bend and stretch. Also most of the cheap perf vinyls do not stick consistently in my opinion.