Another scam


I receved an interesting e-mail today. I have read about most of the scams out there on 101 but haven't seen this one before

Am Sherry Smith i`ll be needing your help my uncle just bought 2006 Toyota Camry and Cadillac escalade in MI for me and my wife though i live here in the states, but my wife is presently in the hospital `cause she had accident last week and i want signage down on both cars that's is why am calling and i want the cars delivered down to your shop so you can handle the auto signage as i have being informed u r very good in doing that, can u do that for me and the cars are with the shipper in MI State but i live here in state so that is why i want my cars towed back home for the signage in good time so can i have your shop address so that i can forward that to the shipper so they will have the car delivered to your shop for the job and i vinyl design and bubbles on the cars ....vinyl design lettering decals on the Camry and bubbles on the escalade thanks Sherry



Tell her to send you the vin#'s as well as the art. Then call the local sheriff to see if they are stolen or who they are registered to. If the listed owner can't sign the invoice (with attached mechanics lien) and make a reasonable deposit, then no go.


People who try to scam Americans never seem to realize one simple thing about us...

...when we communicate with each other...we use PUNCTUATION!!!!! :rock-n-roll: :omg: :frustrated:

( makes them about as easy to spot as a nun at a Hell's Angels party! )